Apps for Good Experts

"The pure imagination, wacky ideas and buzz from the students are infectious."
- Yaseed Chaumoo, Senior User Experience Designer, Tribal Worldwide

Apps for Good Experts share their skills and knowledge with our enthusiastic student teams as they develop their app ideas - getting loads of energy, inspiration and new perspectives in return.

Experts meet with our students and their teacher in one hour sessions, giving them advice on how to move from problem to prototype.

In the 2013/2014 academic year, our course is delivered to 17,000 students across the UK. Sign up as Expert today and help us build the next generation of problem-solvers and digital makers.

Apps for good experts © Cristina Rey Jimenez

Who we are looking for

"As an entrepreneur with a non-tech background there is still lots for me to bring to the table.”
- Rory James MacLaren-Jackson, Director, The Business Ladder

Your time commitment school

We are looking for people who are keen to share their skills and knowledge and advise our student teams aged 10-18 years on their app ideas.

Ideally you have got professional experience in new product development, UX design, programming, business development, marketing, public speaking or other entrepreneurial skills.

You don’t need to be a ‘techie’ so long as you have an understanding of how your expertise applies to new product development.

Your time commitment

"All you need to do is volunteer one hour to become part of this inspiring movement that is changing education forever."
- Mia Bennett, Founder, on Digital

You can do one Expert session per year or one per week – it’s up to you. The majority of Expert sessions are an hour long and conducted via Skype, but if you’re interested in visiting a school in person you can do that, too.

You’ll receive email notifications about new session requests for the areas of expertise you signed up for. Simply select a session online that fits your schedule and area of expertise.

Expert session skype

Our Expert Community

By becoming an Apps for Good Expert, you are not only making a positive impact by inspiring the next generation, but you are also joining a growing community of 700 technology professionals and entrepreneurs as well as our network of sponsors and partners. Have a look at who else is on board.

Any questions? Drop us an email:

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