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BOOKd helps teenagers discover new books to read. The app was created by Alejandro, Ben & Harry from Dr. Challoner's Grammar School, Buckinghamshire and won the Productivity category powered by SAP at the Apps for Good Awards 2015

We talked to the team:

What was the inspiration behind your app?

All of us really enjoy reading, but we all found it difficult to find new books to read, this problem was the starting point from which we built the rest of the app.

What did you enjoy most about developing your app?

Having a common goal to work towards in a small group proved a challenging task and one that reflects the work environment that we will experience in adulthood - it was great to have a taste of the real world.

How do you hope your app will help its users?

The aim of BOOKd is to help teens get back into reading, by making it as easy as possible to find new and interesting books to read.

What has been your favourite Apps for Good moment?

Meeting and working with a variety of professionals from different industries and learning so many things from them

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