Take a photo of any flower in your garden and identify it instantly
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GardenKing helps you identify plants in your garden by taking a photo, and learn more about them. The app was created by Isaac, Clodagh, Sophie & Edward from Latymer Upper School, London and won the Sustainable Communities category powered by Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park at the Apps for Good Awards 2015.

We talked to the team:

What was the inspiration behind your app?

One of our team members moved house and couldn't identify any of the plants already growing in the garden and didn't know how to look after them. We thought this app would be a great way to solve this problem for everyone and make gardening an easier hobby.

What did you enjoy most about developing your app?

We have most enjoyed designing what the app will look like and choosing the logo and layout. We're also having a lot of fun working on the marketing so we can share our idea with the world.

How do you hope your app will help its users?

We hope that through GardenKing people will be able to grow their gardens and take care of all the plants in them.

What has been your favourite Apps for Good moment?

Our favourite moment was when they announced the winners and we realised that we were actually going to make an app. We were ecstatic.

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