Information about puberty created by girls for girls
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Changes helps young girls who are going through, or about to go through, puberty. The app was created by Bea, Fizzy, Joss, Leila and Mia from Coleridge Primary School in London. The app won the People’s Choice Award, powered by EE, at the Apps for Good Awards 2016.

We talked to the team:

What was the inspiration behind your app?

We brainstormed ideas and one of the team members came up with the puberty idea, as everyone goes through it. It was in our minds because we are close to puberty ourselves. We know people find it scary and don't know who to talk to. Our app will help them.

What did you enjoy most about developing your app?

We enjoyed watching our idea grow from small beginnings into something that will help make people's lives better. We loved working in a group listening to each other's ideas. Working with the development agency has been exciting, we loved having the control and being listened to like adults.

How do you hope your app will help its users?

Our app will help girls go through puberty with more confidence. We hope it will mean they find it more comfortable to speak with parents about the changes they are going through. We hope it will help girls make sense of what's happening to their body rather than feeling scared.

What has been your favourite Apps for Good moment?

Winning was such an amazing moment, obvioulsy but the Marketplace at the Apps for Good Awards was great fun. We felt so professional with our big pitch boards showing our app and meeting important business people and selling our idea. Everyone was so friendly and interested.

This is the first app powered by EE. We look forward to launching more apps together in the future.