Empowering people with disabilities to secure their work future
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DiPloy helps people with disabilities who want to get back into work build confidence and find employment. The app was created by Oman, Azim, Saabira and Marcos from Denbigh High School in Luton. The app won the Accessibility category, powered by Samsung, at the Apps for Good Awards 2016.

We talked to the team:

What was the inspiration behind your app?

When we were thinking of an app idea, we thought about some of our own relatives' problems. Our team member, Oman, said he feels that his disabled cousin is treated differently in the workplace due to his disability and after that the idea for DiPloy was born.

What did you enjoy most about developing your app?

Developing our app was very thought provoking as we had many different opportunities that we never imagined we would ever have. Working with a professional app development agency was an extraordinary opportunity and we have all learnt lots of new skills.

How do you hope your app will help its users?

We hope that more people with disabilities will gain the confidence to go and explore the world of employment. Through their use of the app, we want disabled people to gain new skills and feel empowered.

What has been your favourite Apps for Good moment?

Our favourite part of Apps for Good was going on national television the day after the Awards, and being given the chance to be interviewed by the BBC about our app. It was a remarkable, extraordinary experience and something we will never forget.

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