Supporting young people dealing with grief
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Lilies is an app for young people who have lost somebody they love. The app was created by Charlotte, Izzie, Rose, Arushi, Mia and Olivia from Stratford Girls' Grammar School in Warwickshire. The app won the Connected Communities category, powered by at the Apps for Good Awards 2016.

We talked to the team:

What was the inspiration behind your app?

Our inspiration for the app was the lack of grief support groups for young people in our area. We wanted to find a way for young people to access a support network when they needed it.

What did you enjoy most about developing your app?

We really enjoyed reviewing the wireframes that our development agency, Jamhot, were working on, and giving them feedback. It's been really exciting to see our app come to life.

How do you hope your app will help its users?

We hope that this app will help young people going through the loss of a loved one. It will help them by allowing them to talk to other people going through the same thing as them as well as offering them useful tips advice and a memory wall to share pictures of their loved one.

What has been your favourite Apps for Good moment?

Our favourite Apps for Good moment was definitely winning our category and being able to celebrate all together.

This is the first app powered by Salesforce. We look forward to launching more apps together in the future.