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App Dev - Full
App Dev - Mini
Internet of Things
Time to deliver
30 contact hours
10-12 contact hours
30 contact hours
Training and Prep
More prep required.
Access to online CPD
Less prep required.
Access to online CPD
More prep required.
Access to online CPD
Awards entry
Limited within core
Prototyping throughout
Curriculum mapping
Mapped to curriculum
Could be delivered alongside other course materials
Delivery Flexibility
Flexible delivery
Structured sessions
Structured sessions
Tried and tested
Nationwide delivery
Nationwide delivery
Piloted in 10 schools
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"It has developed how I teach"
Ivan Langton, Head of ICT & Computing, South West
"The school has gained a lot more confidence in technology"
Emma Darcy, Director of Technology for Learning, East of England
"Improving teacher confidence, pedagogy and creativity"
Peter Baker, Headteacher, East of England
"Our pupils are incredibly proud of what they produce"
Chris Aitken, Computing Science Teacher, Scotland
"I'm passionate about education and helping the next generation"
Jamie Brooker, Co-founder, We Are Human
"Opens doors to industry more than any other programme"
Chris Aitken, Computing Science Teacher, Scotland
"The pure imagination of their ideas is inspiring"
Yaseed Chaumoo, Senior User Experience Designer, Tribal Worldwide
Transit: Bengali to English Translator
Mohima, Apps for Good student, London, and creator, Transit
"There's a space for everyone in ICT"
Enya, Apps for Good student, Reading, and creator, Pockupation
"Real life learning"
Karine George, Headteacher, South East England
"21st century ICT learning"
Marc Bowen, Deputy Head Teacher, Wales
"Apps aren't just about games - they solve problems"
Amarah, Apps for Good student, London, and creator, Buzzer Buddiez
Cattle Manager: track and manage cattle data
Cattle Manager Team, Wick High School, Scotland
"I love being called an Expert"
Christopher Jen, Product Sales Specialist, Cisco
The pedagogy Apps for Good uses has transformed my teaching of IT.
Jonathan Kemp, Bolton St Catherine’s Academy, North West England